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As long as humans have wandered this planet, as long have we been looking up at the stars, wondering what secrets they are hiding. From times immemorial, great tales has been created about the meaning and origin of the skies. The stars has been pictured as gods, heroes, animals and monsters. But - what if it is more than just legends. Imagine, if the stars, and their massive energy, and their ancient light, do contribute in shaping our personalities. Imagine if our traits of character are influenced by which star constellation was dominant right when you were born. And imagine if the stars could help us finding out who we really are deep inside. Already in the ancient Greece and in the old Babylonia, there were many great philosophers who believed that this was truly the case. And even still in our time, many do believe that there are more truth behind this than common sense would ever dare to confess. But what is the truth really? I invite you on a journey through the Zodiac. A journey that takes you through darkness and deep space, into the deep into human mind. And who knows - maybe you will discover truths that you had never even dreamed of before. Dare to ask the stars...             
J. Maltesson

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